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Global Trend & Forecast Reports

FPSA is pleased to release the following new studies January 2022.

  • Beverage Equipment Market Global Forecast to 2026
  • Bakery Equipment Market Global Forecast to 2026
  • Dairy Equipment Market Global Forecast to 2026
  • Food Processing Equipment Market Global Forecast to 2026

At just $150/study*, these studies provide valuable information to give FPSA Members a significant advantage in their plans and business strategy. These in-depth studies provide topics such as:

  • Market size
  • Analysis of market structure
  • Identification of important market trends
  • Opportunity analysis by equipment type, anticipated sales, and growth potential throughout the world
  • Strategic profiling of key players in the market
  • Tracking and analysis of competitive developments
  • Definition, segmentation, and projection of markets

*Cost per study is $1,800 for non-members.

For members, you may login on and login with your member login username and password and you may purchase any of the new studies, Click on Trend Reports after you have login add all the reports that you are interested in and check out.

To download the studies, click on My FPSA and hover down to Trend Reports and download the studies you have purchased.  If you don't remember your login user name, please contact Ann Marie Penaranda at [email protected]

I find the FPSA Trend Studies very valuable in helping me to better understand the markets in which we operate and to plot our strategy accordingly. I will definitely recommend this benefit to others who have needs in food market analysis.
— Robin Sun, Market Analyst, Busch LLC

I know of few other Associations that offer insight that is this timely, and specific. CMC America has made Strategic Initiatives, based upon the insights we’ve gleaned from the FPSA Trend Studies, especially those from Industries outside our traditional experience.
– Ed Fay, President, CMC America Corp.

Past studies (free to all members) include:

  • Bakery Processing Equipment Market
  • Beverage Processing Equipment Market
  • Blockchain in Agriculture Market and Food Supply Chain
  • Dairy Alternatives Market by Source
  • Dairy Processing Equipment
  • Confectionery Processing Equipment
  • Dairy Processing Equipment
  • Extruded Snacks Market
  • Food & Beverage Processing Equipment
  • Food Automation Market
  • Food Packaging Technology and Equipment
  • Food Robotics Market by Type
  • Fresh Food Packaging Market
  • Frozen Food Market
  • Fruit & Vegetable Processing Equipment
  • Meat Processing Equipment
  • Meat Substitutes Market
  • Non-Thermal Pasteurization Market by Technique
  • Pet Food Packaging Equipment
  • Pet Food Processing Equipment
  • Plant-based Meat Market by Source
  • Plant-based Meat Market by Type
  • Poultry Processing Equipment
  • Prepared Foods Processing Equipment
  • Prepared Foods Processing Equipment update
  • Seafood Processing Equipment