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President’s Message – October 2018

October 2018

“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the Web like
a deer on a freeway.” ~ Geoffery Moore

On Wednesday, October 3rd we will be releasing the Prepared Food Equipment Market Global Forecast. This report is just one of twelve Global Forecast studies that we have commissioned, and which are available for free to our members, please contact Ann Marie Penaranda at [email protected] or click here to request the trend studies. Why is this so important you might ask? And, how do these studies benefit my company? Well, to start, let's look at just a few of some relevant pieces of information that are contained in this study. For example, did you know that the compounded annual growth rate of the prepared food equipment market is projected at 5.9%, reaching a project global market value of US $11.2 billion in 2023. And that the largest segments of this market in descending order, include:

  • Snacks & Savory Products
  • Ready-to-Eat Products
  • Sauces Dressings and Condiments
  • Bakery and Confectionery
  • Dairy and Refrigerated Products
  • Meat and Seafood Products

And, you might have missed our announcement in September regarding the availability of the Food and Beverage Processing Equipment Market Global Forecast. That report stated that the food and beverage processing equipment market is projected to grow 6.1% annually through 2023 to a total of US $74.4 billion based on the following factors:

  • Rising demand of meat, poultry, dairy products, bakery products, and confectionery products;
  • Growing demand for processed and convenience food;
  • Increased focus on production efficiency, processing time, and quality of food products; and
  • Growing demand for innovative food & beverage products due to changing consumer preferences.

So, why am I bombarding you with so much data? It is because, as the above idiom states, none of us wants to be like that deer on a freeway. One of FPSA's important goals is to help your company increase your sales and without a doubt these trend reports provide you with crucial data that will greatly assist your team in developing a more comprehensive sales strategy. I hope you will take the time to utilize the data and specific equipment trending information which are part of these reports.

  • Prepared Food Equipment Market
  • Food and Beverage Processing Equipment Market
  • Packaging Technology and Equipment Market
  • Food Automation Market
  • Meat Processing Equipment Market
  • Poultry Processing Equipment Market
  • Bakery Processing Equipment Market
  • Beverage Processing Equipment Market
  • Dairy Processing Equipment Market
  • Prepared Food Processing Equipment Market
  • Processed Seafood & Seafood Processing Equipment Market
  • Pet Food Processing Equipment Market

As always, please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] or at 703/663-1200 with any questions about our new structure, concerns, or how we can be of assistance to you. And, I sincerely hope you take advantage of the wealth of information that your Association makes available to you.

David Seckman
President/CEO, FPSA