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President’s Message



September 2022

“Hiring is about alignment, personality, culture, heart and work ethic.”

~ Mitch Gray

It goes without saying that “hiring” especially in this post-COVID era, is a major challenge for our industry. It is predicted that Gen-Z “zoomers” will soon make up nearly 60% of the work force. And since this generation is coming with a different mindset and expectations, HR leaders in our industry will need to ensure their talent acquisition starts by adjusting to this new talent pool. To recruit the “best and the brightest” our companies need to be knowledgeable about and take advantage of a variety of key recruitment facts. These include:

  • Applying and utilizing data-driven analytics to gain a variety of insights regarding the applicants which will assist to filter for talent;
  • Using some form of artificial intelligence (AI) to help with candidate screening;
  • Focusing efforts on a “people-centric” or “people first” hiring approach and emphasizing your company culture, work-life balance and flexibility;
  • Understanding that over three quarters of potential new employee’s value benefits as an essential reason for taking the position;
  • Realizing that 80% of job applicants are comfortable with video interviewing;
  • Recognizing that 85% of active job hunters are open to new job opportunities;
  • Being aware that 67% of employed Americans say that job interviews influence their decision to accept a job;
  • Keeping in mind that 79% of job seekers will review your company’s mission before exploring a career opportunity with you;
  • Taking advantage of the fact that employee referrals are the number one source of quality hires and;
  • Knowing that your company can expand a talent pool ten times by recruiting through employee networks.

To assist you in these challenging times, I would encourage you to take advantage of the free FPSA job board that FPSA offers. It is easy to post to the job board, employers only need to create an account, click the “submit a job” button and follow the prompts on how to post your opening. In addition, I urge you to take advantage of another great opportunity to land the talent you need at our upcoming Food Industry Career Fair at Illinois Tech during the Fall Semester in partnership with the school’s Food Science and Nutrition Department. The Food Industry Career Fair will be held October 25th – 26th and will have students from Chicago area colleges with majors in food science, engineering, computer science and business. For more information on the Fair, or to sign up as a potential employer click here.

Additionally, if you have not already, I highly recommend that you take advantage of our upcoming FPSA Sales Conference taking place September 27th-29th at the Renaissance Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois. Featuring topics on time management for sales professionals; sales strategies in a volatile economy; and the science behind your customer’s decision-making process, your sales team will be better positioned for success and enjoy a competitive advantage after taking part in these interactive sessions. Our room block is almost sold out and has a deadline of September 8th so I encourage you to sign up and reserve your room today. I look forward to seeing you and your team there.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me for more information/details or with any questions at dseckman [at] or at 703/663-1200.


David Seckman