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Quickfreeze (Tippmann Engineering)

“QuickFreeze” The Fastest Way to Freeze / Temper a Pallet!

QuickFreeze® – (Tippmann Engineering) is an industrial equipment manufacturer that develops equipment for the cold chain and is nationally recognized for the patented QuickFreeze® In-Rack Freezing System for freezing and tempering palletized products.

QuickFreeze® – (Tippmann Engineering) utilizes time-honed expertise and advanced technology solutions to create products that scale with a business and are designed to improve ROI. QuickFreeze® – Tippmann Engineering provides a full suite of cold storage engineering services and operations guidance.

QuickFreeze® innovations include the patented QF+® In-Rack Freezing System, the T2 Spacer™, and recently QFM, “The fastest way to freeze a pallet.”

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