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AXIS Automation

AXIS Automation is an industry leading manufacturing company backed by over 35 years of experience and global reach. We provide a wide range of innovative automated decorating and finishing solutions for the baking and snack food industry. Our drive is our customers. We’ve worked with over 400 clients, including Fortune 100 and 500 companies around the world to perfect their product and streamline their process.

We are committed to providing reliable, accurate and efficient systems that deliver better quality product at higher production rates, less waste and lower cost. Our early exploration into automated food processing equipment primarily involved dry ingredient depositing, which resulted in the development of the industry-leading AXIS Topper and our patented Duster. Today, our repertoire has expanded to include moist ingredient dispensers, batter depositors, injectors, glazers, coating drums and much more.

With extensive, hands-on automation experience, we have encountered and solved many industry-wide problems including uniform topping distribution, waste reduction through ingredient reclaim, precise temperature control of icings and glazes, and “no-tail” finishing for less mess and waste. Whatever the challenge, we are committed to developing a solution for your application. The success of our customers is the result of our dedication to the precision, flexibility and innovation of our equipment that is Built to Last and Designed to Deliver.™

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