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Mentor Circle

FPSA provides all members an opportunity to become a mentor, or to work with a mentor, in order to nurture personal and professional growth.

A major reason people join associations is to connect with like-minded professionals and learn from one another. At times, talking with peers outside of your company provides a safe and beneficial forum. Given our diverse industry and membership, employees of FPSA member companies invites individuals to:

  • Become a Mentor and share your career and life experiences with your colleagues in the industry.
  • Sign up to be a Mentee to help you create goals, develop your dream career path, or to have questions answered on areas where you might be struggling.

How does the Mentor Circle Benefit work?


Will interact with small groups via video conferencing. Meeting times, time frame, and topics will be chosen by the groups, with some ‘ready to use’ material available. Mentors will receive initial training and ongoing support.


Interacting in small groups, mentees will share experiences, challenges, and successes with the group and mentor. In addition, there will be opportunities for coaching, Q&A’s, etc.

Group Mentoring
Regular interactive small group sessions that will be configured according to individual interest (based on availability) such as: “Moving on up – how to advance your career”; “Leaders Coaching Leaders”; “It’s my first real job – help!”; “Yes, we are different – unique challenges for women in the industry.”