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August 2020

COVID-19 Resources

FPSA has created a resource center for members regarding COVID-19. We continue to monitor the coronavirus crisis and post critical information that will assist your business and employees. Members can obtain valuable information by utilizing the resources button listed below and on our website. In particular, many members might want to utilize the “Mapping of COVID-19 Outbreaks in the Food System.”

COVID-19 Resources

Upcoming webinars

This webinar is brought to you by FPSA's

FPSA Women's Alliance Network

How to Be Your Best Self in a Male Dominated Industry and Still Give Yourself Some TLC

Thursday, August 27, 2020
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT.

Women who want to be true to themselves and overcome their imposter syndrome, come prepared to discover some key takeaways on how to be your best self without mimicking someone else’s career success – define your own.

Women often have several titles they hold all within a 24 hour period – friend, sister, daughter, mother, wife, mentor, caregiver – but still want to be a credible leader within our male dominated organizations at work. This session is not exclusively for women. Male colleagues are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Learn how to self-promote without potentially bragging, create effective and sustainable networking skills and still finding time for YOU to enjoy YOU!

Lynn Watkins-Asiyanbi
Deputy General Counsel
JBT Corporation

Mrs. Lynn Watkins-Asiyanbi is a native of Chicago and attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she graduated with degrees in Chemical Engineering and Economics. Upon graduation, she worked for General Mills in operations and later moved to Mars, Inc. in operations and later in logistics. She returned to graduate school to pursue a Juris Doctorate and M.B.A. at Northwestern University.

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This webinar is brought to you by
Food Safety Network

WHAT: Hear from the Food Safety experts about what changed in Pet Food processing plants in light of Covid-19 and how the crisis has redefined the future of food and operator safety for the broader food processing world.

WHEN: Wednesday, September 2nd, 2:00 PM -3:00 PM ET-US



  • Mitch Felderhoff, Owner and President of Sales & Marketing for Muenster Milling
  • Billie Johnson, Ph.D., Food Safety/Regulatory Compliance Manager for BJ North America
  • Robert Long, Pet Food Safety Expert


  • Darin Zehr, FPSA Food Safety Network Chair and General Manager for Commerical Food Sanitation
  • Nehemiah White, FPSA Food Safety Network Vice-Chair and Market Manager for Deville Technologies
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FPSA Training Program — 180 Skills

August course of the month – Lean Workplace Organization

Lean Manufacturing, Quality Systems and Management, Six Sigma Improve and Control, Process Controls and Sensor Technology – these are just a small taste of the areas in the 180 Skills online training library that FPSA members will get to engage in beginning in January when FPSA launches the new 180 Skills distance learning training program.

Whether your company is interested in training for maintenance, other technical skills, or soft skills for a more efficient office workforce, 180 Skills provides FPSA members with cost-effective training that your employees appreciate and will benefit your company.

For more details about this program, you can listen to the recorded webinar from May 27th when Joe Kitterman, CEO of 180 Skills explained the platform and how FPSA member companies and their employees will be able to utilize this valuable resource. If you have any questions about 180 Skills please feel free to contact Andy Drennan to discuss the program.

Trend Studies

According to the 2020 FPSA Meat Substitutes Market Global Trends and Forecast to 2026, the global market for meat substitutes is projected to be valued at USD 3.5 billion by 2026. While the North American region currently dominates the global market, Asia Pacific is projected to grow at a high rate of 12.8% CAGR during the forecast period. The key drivers for the market growth are the rising adoption of plant-based protein, increasing investments in plant-based protein ingredients, and increasing inclination of consumers for pea protein ingredients. To meet the increasing demand, plant-based meat manufacturers are launching new products in the market, creating significant growth opportunities for the meat substitutes market.

This is just one small example of the information you’ll find in the FPSA Meat Substitutes Market Global Trends and Forecast to 2026. This study, just like the other studies released this year – Extruded Snacks, the Meat Processing Market, the Fresh Food Packaging Market, Pet Food Packaging and Pet Food Processing markets – are all FREE OF CHARGE with your FPSA membership. If you would like to receive a copy of any of these studies, please contact Ann Marie Penaranda.

Networks Update

FPSA Mentor Circle

FPSA Mentor Circle

The Mentor Circle will provide ALL FPSA members an opportunity to become a mentor, or to work with a mentor, in order to nurture personal and professional growth. This new program, which was initiated by the Women’s Alliance Network and is supported by the other Networks, will officially launch this summer. If you are interested in volunteering to be a mentor, if you are looking for a mentor, and would like more information, contact Elena Sierra.

There seems to be a gap between talent industry leaders are seeking and what is actually available. In order to help bridge this gap, Miller Resource Group is conducting a survey targeted to the Packaging and Food Processing industry to
better understand:

  • How people were first introduced to the industries, and
  • What they wish they would have known about the industries early on in their careers

This survey only takes 3 minutes to complete. Your input is invaluable as it will help attract the next generation of talent for our industry.

Online Happy Hour: Friday, Aug 28th at 3pm eastern. RSVP today!

You're Invited…

Join this informal information session to network with FPSA's Young Professionals Group and discuss the efforts the group is taking on for professional development.

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FPSA Job Board

FPSA's Job Board is not just for people looking for employment in the food and beverage industry. It's also meant for FPSA's members to post job openings!

Find new talent by posting your open positions on today!


Thompson Meat Machinery Logo


Thompson Meat Machinery is an Australian owned leading design and manufacturing company of meat processing machinery, a global leader in meat cutting and processing solutions. With more than 40 years of experience, it has developed unique designs and innovative technologies providing customers with superior machine operational safety, efficiency and finished product quality.

Thompson Meat Machinery is a manufacturer and supplier of meat processing machinery including Mixer Mincers, Frozen Mincers, Frozen Block Flakers and PreBreakers, Vacuum Tumblers, Sausage Fillers, Loading Hoist, BladeStop Bandsaws. Thompson Meat Machinery exports to over 30 countries.

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October 12-15, 2021
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Food Facts

  • If you ever want your avocados to ripen quickly, put a banana or apple around it. These fruits give off ethylene gas which helps to speed up the ripening process.
  • Did you know that the first flavor of ice cream ever invented was strawberry
    in the 16th century.
  • Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Americans consume seven billion
    hot dogs.
  • Classic Buffalo wings are a favorite food for football season.

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