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Meet the Member

Meet the Member is a video series hosted by the Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA) that features interviews with its member companies. Each 3-6 minute video offers a glimpse into the company's history, its products/services, and what makes it unique. FPSA staff sits down with a representative of the member company to discuss its founding principles, future plans, and how it helps its customers succeed. The series aims to introduce the FPSA's dedicated members to each other and a broader social media audience.


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Industrial Sonomechanics 
The Grote Company
Alfa Laval
InnoFlex Solutions
Rome Grinding Solutions
Engie NA (coming soon)
Haskell Company 
CHL Systems 
Bollin Label Systems 
Ensight (coming soon)
Compass Wire Cloth
Provisur Technologies
Loma Systems
Deville Technologies
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