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Harry Davis & Company to auction assets of former Muller/Quaker Dairy facility

State-of-the-art production equipment from the former Muller/Quaker Dairy greek yogurt plant in Batavia, New York, will be offered at auction Sept. 13 by Harry Davis & Company.

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) this week announced the facility — originally constructed by Muller-Quaker to process yogurt via a joint venture formed in 2011 between PepsiCo’s Quaker Oats Co. unit and Germany’s Theo Müller Group — has been purchased by HP Hood LLC. HP Hood will invest more than $200 million over several years to repurpose the 363,000-square-foot, currently idle processing facility to produce extended shelf-life beverages.
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2016 Plant of the Year: SugarCreek brings home more than the bacon

Though SugarCreek started out as a bacon processor, it is poised for growth as consumers demand more sophisticated RTE food products. Key to this growth is the new SQF Level 3 production facility in Cambridge City, IN (CCI), which has the technology and flexibility to keep up with the latest trends in high-quality food products. Based on a variety of factors, Food Engineering selected the CCI facility as its 2016 Plant of the Year.
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Reducing water usage in food and beverage processing

For decades, water was seen as a free commodity in processing environments, but attitudes are starting to change due to increasing drought conditions and recent water pollution crises.
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VACCP: HACCP for vulnerability assessments

Vulnerability Assessment and Critical Control Point applies well-understood HACCP principles to protect food and beverage products from fraud and adulteration.
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Achieving Zero Waste

Food and beverage manufacturers continue sustainability efforts by minimizing byproducts, composting waste, recycling processing and packaging materials, and conserving energy and water.
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TACCP: HACCP for threat assessments

Threat assessment and critical control point applies well-understood HACCP principles to protect food and beverage products from intentional and malicious contamination.
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Are your control networks safe from cyberattacks?

Better safe than sorry since “sorry” could cost you downtime, product quality or safety and/or your brand’s reputation.
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Battling pathogens in produce

Produce is increasingly becoming associated with foodborne illnesses due to a growing number of reported outbreaks.
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Boost plant efficiency by being clean, safe and savvy

Risks will always exist, but combining technology and employee training ensures processes not only comply with, but exceed, increasingly stringent regulatory standards.
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