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Food Safety Network

The Food Safety Network serves as a framework for food safety education affecting all segments of FPSA membership.

Food Safety NetworkFPSA’s Food Safety Network provides an opportunity for collaboration among food safety experts to share knowledge and discuss challenges facing the food and beverage processing and packing industry. Their general focus areas are Regulatory and Hygienic Design.


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  1. Webinars


    Food Safety, COVID-19, and Pet Food – Hear from the Food Safety experts about what changed in Pet Food processing plants in light of COVID-19 and how the crisis has redefined the future of food and operator safety for the broader food processing world.

    Speakers: Mitch Felderhoff, Owner and President of Sales & Marketing for Muenster Milling, Billie Johnson, Ph.D., Food Safety/Regulatory Compliance Manager for BJ North America, Robert Long, Pet Food Safety Expert
    Moderators: Darin Zehr, FPSA Food Safety Chair and General Manager, Commercial Food Sanitation, Nehemiah White, FPSA Food Safety Network Vice-Chair, Market Manager, Deville Technologies.

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    Plant-Based Meat Industry Trends and Food Safety Concerns

    Highlights of this webinar will include:

    • Industry Growth Trends
    • Proper Sanitary Design
    • Having the Right Master Sanitation Schedule
    • The Importance of Environment Monitoring

    PSSI is North America’s leading provider of contract sanitation and food safety services for food processing facilities, supporting more than 450 partner plants every day. We’re a team of 17,000 food safety experts committed to protecting the quality of your products, the integrity of your brand, and the well-being of your customers. Whether you’re an FDA, USDA, or CFIA operation, you can rest assured you will always have a clean plant, delivered audit-ready, safely, on time & on budget. We work tirelessly to ensure the safety of your products and the people who perfect them.


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    Data: Why it Matters and How to Organize Your 21st Century House

    Highlights of this webinar will include:

    • Food Safety and Risk Identification with Artificial Intelligence
    • Benchmark your food safety practices
    • Understand what is required to implement automation
    • Food Safety Automation impact on your team

    From fortune 100 to mid-size enterprises the food industry has an age-old problem around gathering and analyzing data for regulatory compliance, labeling, certification, audits, and other food safety quality information from suppliers. In this presentation, Lucas COO at Otrafy will be talking about his experience working with all sizes of enterprises and helping them level up their game Artificial Intelligence applied to food safety. From applying Artificial Intelligence to automate risk identification to creating efficient ways to renew and collect documentation, this presentation will talk about industry best practices to level up your food safety game and do more with less.

    Presenter:  Lucas Cunha, Co-Founder at Otrafy – Artificial Intelligence applied to quality management systems. | Member of FPSA's Food Safety Network

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    Bakery Plant Food Safety Innovations

    Highlights of this webinar will include:

    • Hygienic design standards, specifically the newer FDA HARPC (Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls) process
    • Innovations in bakery operations
    • Future food safety baking innovations

    Listen to a discussion about food safety innovations for baking operations moderated by FPSA Food Safety Network Vice-Chairman Nehemiah White (Deville Technologies) with FESTO Industry Segment Specialist Peter Rasmussen. They will cover what the newer FDA HARPC (Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls) process means for the hygienic design of food processing equipment and plant operations while discussing bakery operations and food safety baking innovations of the future.


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    The Use of External Resources in Training Programs

    Manufacturing plants are challenged in retaining employees, which can lead to challenges in maintaining skilled leaders and teams who can develop newer employees. Training programs are becoming more important, as companies look to continuously improve, but may not have the expertise or resources in-house to further employee development. Many external resources exist for developing employees, and in this Webinar, CFS Food Safety Specialist Cari Rasmussen will discuss how different training offerings can help improve the technical skills of your employees. CFS Global Training Manager Nicole Cammarata will provide insight into the vision of training in the future.

    The modes of training that will be discussed include:

    1. Digital training platforms, which are either pre-recorded sessions that are watched or live video training.
    2. On-site (at the plant) training, which brings external resources to your facility for training specific teams.
    3. Off-site training at an external resource location. These different training offerings each have their pros and cons.

    This session helps you understand the benefits and limitations of each type of training and the end goal of the training for the employee(s). When you are deciding on which training to provide to your employees this is a webinar not to be missed. Join Cari and Nicole on October 28th at 1:00 PM ET.


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  2. Podcast


    The 2022-2023 Podcast can be found on Spotify.

    Organized by the Food Safety Network, FPSA's first Podcast Channel features discussions with food safety experts who share knowledge on challenges facing the food and beverage processing and packing industry. Topics range from regulatory issues to hygienic design to technological advances.

    • Episode 1 │ The Importance of Good Hygienic Design for Food Safety (aired September 20, 2019)
      FPSA's Senior Vice-President of Marketing, Andy Drennan, invites industry experts John Butts (Founder and President of Food Safety by Design and Advisor to the CEO of Land O'Frost) and Joe Stout (President of Commercial Food Sanitation, LLC) to discuss food safety and hygienic design in the food industry in the first of this podcast series.
    • Episode 2 │ Regulations, Standards, and Principles (aired October 17, 2019)
      John Butts and Joe Stout discuss the various state and federal regulation agencies, the 10 primary principles of sanitary design, and comparisons between US and European standards.
    • Episode 3 │ Seek and Destroy Approach and the Listeria Equation (aired November 21, 2019)
      John Butts and Joe Stout share their concepts of the “seek and destroy” approach when it comes to sanitation practices, the Listeria Equation, why there needs to be an investment in hygienically designed equipment, and more.
    • Episode 4 │ Power Principles of Hygienic Design (aired December 19, 2019)
      John Butts and Joe Stout have their final discussion by sharing what causes them distress on a piece of equipment, trends they are seeing in hygienic design, and words of wisdom for aspiring food scientists.
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