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FPSA Members benefit from exclusive webinars from thought leaders in the industry.

These webinars focus on industry issues such as staffing and retention, industry trends, and upcoming events to prepare you and your company for maximum success in a fast changing food industry. These educational sessions are provided free to members. You can view past webinars in the members only section of the website.

Upcoming Webinars

FPSA Women's Alliance Network

Be the Inspired You: Identifying & Owning Personal Skills for Professional Success

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST

You are your best investment today, tomorrow, and forever! Seriously, the more in sync, aware, and intentional you are in mastering your personal life, you have a greater chance of obtaining professional success.

When thriving in the workplace, most opportunities for professional success lie in exercising professional power. Professional power is the identification and ownership of your skills, goals, strengths, preferred work styles, and operating with emotional intelligence, mental toughness, and as “the inspired version of you.” Using your professional power reduces relational and workplace stress, disconnectedness amongst teammates, and productivity loss. In this workshop, participants will explore how mindset, mindfulness, and personal behaviors are catalytic for better approaches and successful outcomes.

Rahkal C. D. Shelton is an author, workplace peace advocate, speaker, and inspiration enthusiast.  With over 12 years of corporate experience, including roles with CNN, Warner Media (formerly Turner Broadcasting System, Inc), WGN, iHeartMedia, and Fox Chicago News; Rahkal has a Master's degree in media communications and a BA in Radio/TV/Film. She is passionate about serving, inspiring, and help individuals find harmony and strategy to thrive in and out of the workplace. Her latest book Woosah: A Survival Guide for Women of Color Working in Corporate has been featured on WGN, in the Huffington Post, and Forbes. Stay connected and learn more at 

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Past Webinars

Despite the pandemic, FPSA has been busy providing members educational programming. Check out the webinars we’ve had the first half of 2020:

Food Safety Network

Food Safety, COVID-19, and Pet Food – Hear from the Food Safety experts about what changed in Pet Food processing plants in light of COVID-19 and how the crisis has redefined the future of food and operator safety for the broader food processing world.

Speakers: Mitch Felderhoff, Owner and President of Sales & Marketing for Muenster Milling, Billie Johnson, Ph.D., Food Safety/Regulatory Compliance Manager for BJ North America, Robert Long, Pet Food Safety Expert
Moderators: Darin Zehr, FPSA Food Safety Chair and General Manager, Commercial Food Sanitation, Nehemiah White, FPSA Food Safety Network Vice-Chair, Market Manager, Deville Technologies
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Women's Alliance Network

The Keys to Envisioning “Your Next!” – With the world in a daily state of change, uncertainty, new territories, and yet unlimited possibilities, it’s essential to have a vision both professionally and personally that will serve and give you life. Living your best life, and the greater version of yourself must always be, unapologetically plan A! Are you ready for a paradigm shift? Are you ready for your next? Have you considered it?

Speaker: Tyra James, Life Coach, Phenomenally Becoming Coaching & Consulting
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How to Be Your Best Self in a Male Dominated Industry and Still Give Yourself Some TLC – Women who want to be true to themselves and overcome their imposter syndrome, come prepared to discover some key takeaways on how to be your best self without mimicking someone else’s career success – define your own. As a woman, we often have several titles we hold all within a 24 hour period – friend, sister, daughter, mother, wife, mentor, caregiver – but we still want to be a credible leader within our male dominated organizations at work. This session is not exclusively for women. Male colleagues are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Speaker: Lynn Watkins-Asiyanbi, JBT Corporation
Moderator: Diane Wolfe, Diane Wolfe Consulting
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Technology Advancements

Creating Traceable Maintenance Logs with Blockchain Technology – Learn how Festo Corporation has leveraged the use of blockchain and peer-to-peer networks to create maintenance records that are tamper-proof and redundant. Also, learn how these leveraged technologies can help in compliance with the recently proposed future FDA traceability rules.

Speaker: Eduard Grün, FESTO
Moderator: Nehemiah White, Deville Technologies
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Innovation & Inspiration: High Pressure Processing – In 2015, Hiperbaric won the Edison Award in the Applied Technologies category for their leadership in manufacturing high pressure processing (HPP) machines for the food industry. HPP allows its customers bring safe products to market with a much longer life without changing nutritional characteristics. This technology has proven useful in meat products, seafood, juices, and avocado products. The Women’s Alliance Network’s Red Circle Honor recipient for Innovation & Inspiration speaks on this technology.

Speaker: Carole Tonello-Samson, Hiperbaric
Moderator: Matthew Hartman, Blentech
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21st Century Blast Freezing – QFM is the next innovation in Blast Freezing. Speakers discuss the details of the new Modular, Mobile, Smarter Quick-Freeze design and how this type of system will improve your facility’s freezing efficiency.

Speakers: Bob Tippman and Dan Tippman, Tippman Engineering
Moderator: Matt Steigmeyer
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Overcoming Reliability Challenges – No one can afford downtime as a result of equipment failure. Our panelists discuss the proactive ways to increase reliability – and extend the life – of your plant’s central equipment.

Speakers: Robert Champion, InnoFlex Solutions, Inc. and Frank Latino, Festo
Moderator: Kristin Joker, BNP Media – Packaging Solutions
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Sales & Marketing

Transformational Digital Sales & Marketing – During this challenging time the world is experiencing – when our traditional sales and marketing routes are on hold – learning and understanding new avenues to do our jobs is important. Your industry peers discuss why companies are shifting to digital marketing and sales, what the value is in doing so, and who this all benefits.

Speakers: Howard Deskin, Webstrategies, Inc.; Jennifer Fenimore, Rubber Fab; and Matthew Hartman, Blentech Corp.
Moderator: Nehemiah White, Deville Technologies
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Virtual Selling Playbook – Learn how the panelists are shifting gears and adjusting their sales “plays” accordingly remotely and effectively.

Speakers: Howard Deskin, Webstrategies, Inc.; Jennifer Fenimore, Rubber Fab; and Matthew Hartman, Blentech Corp.
Moderator: Nehemiah White, Deville Technologies
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