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These webinars focus on industry issues such as staffing and retention, industry trends, and upcoming events to prepare you and your company for maximum success in the fast-changing food industry. These educational sessions are provided free to members. You can view past webinars in the members-only section of the website.


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Past Webinars


What FPSA Members Need to Know About the Employee Retention CreditAs the U.S. economy begins to reopen, business owners are looking for ways to accelerate recovery. There are government incentives available to you because of the services you provide here in the U.S. Join alliantgroup for an informative session on the latest updates to powerful tax credits and incentives for FPSA members. Hear from alliantgroup’s technical directors, Jennifer Groff and Johnathon Johnson, as they walk you through the Employee Retention Credit, why it applies to you, the latest changes to the tax code from the IRS, and how you can qualify for these critical credits and incentives. To date, alliantgroup has helped FPSA members uncover over $20 million in credits and cash refunds.

Speakers:  Jennifer Groff, alliant group, Johnathon Johnson, allaint group
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Traceability:  Where Are & What's Next – Listen to this panel discuss Traceability from the customer's perspective – a food manufacturer, a policy expert, and an OEM packaging manufacture. The panel will discuss Traceability's impact on customers, companies' sustainability initiatives, its legal requirements now and into the future, the role of technology, roadblocks to implementation, and trends in the marketplace.

Speakers:  Darryl Riley, Senior VP of Quality; Rasma Zvaners, VP of Regulatory & Technical Services at American Bakers Association; John Dwyer, VP of Business Development at WestRock Company

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Food Safety

OEMs and Hygienic Design – Teaming Up for Success– Sanitation demands on food processors continue to evolve. With labor constraints and increased production quotas, OEMs are supporting processors like never before. This means strategic partnerships and teams-based approaches to the hygienic design of equipment are critical to end-users. Food processing solutions engineered with experts from sanitation, equipment manufacturing, and customer processes best position consumers for safe and efficiently produced food.

Speakers: Anthony Saitta, Food Safety Specialist, Commercial Food Sanitation; Tricia Clark, VP of Operations, Ensight Solutions; Heath Clifton, Director of Automation and Controls, Ensight Solutions

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Food Safety Execution and Your Bottom Line – Food Safety is everyone’s concern from facility associates up to the CEO.

Often the concept of Food Safety gets convoluted with the idea of “cleaning”. While cleaning is a part of Food Safety and Sanitation execution it does not by itself, get to the bottom line which is mitigating risk to your operations, profits, and customers.

It is paramount that an effective food safety program address food safety planning, execution, and tracking because without one of these pieces an operation is not completely risk-averse. Especially as COVID-19 subsides and companies reflect on their effectiveness at keeping employees safe during challenging times, what are some of the key takeaways in terms of food safety? We will explore the ways in which food safety can be optimized and discuss some of the common shortcomings operations face.

Moderator:  Chuck Sena, AXIS Automation
Speakers: Randy Kohal,  Nexcor Technologies; Taryn Hickey, Nexcor Technologies
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Sales & Marketing

After the Sale – How do Vendors and Customers Partner for a Better Handoff – In this presentation, we will discuss ways that vendors can leverage better tools and communication to help reduce the headaches associated with the transition of ownership after the implementation of a new project. Chad will share his insight into a few ways the teams can collaborate to reduce the cost of transition often realized as technical support is required beyond the standard expected handoff.

Speakers: Chad Larson, Vice President of Manufacturing, Mel-O-Cream Donuts International
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Manufacturing Content to Generate New Leads & Sales – Content Marketing for Manufacturers – how content drives lead generation, lead nurturing and builds trust with your prospects and customers. This webinar is for both marketing and sales teams to partner on the content journey and benefit from the content that attracts and educates prospects and customers.

Speakers: Howard Deskin, Webstrategies, Inc.; Jennifer Fenimore, Rubber Fab; and Preston Kendig, Webstrategies, Inc.
Moderator: Chris Leone, Webstrategies, Inc.
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3×3: Critical Questions for Your Business in 2021: Change or transition in the business world can be a difficult proposition. The tendency is to do things a certain way for so long that the ingrained habits are hard to break. However, savvy business leaders recognize that adapting to change is a non-negotiable aspect of business success, so they consistently ask and answer critical questions about three aspects of their businesses – sales, leadership, and strategy. These questions force owners and managers to think about important areas of their businesses that often get overlooked in the daily grind of running a company. In this webinar, taken directly from the training and coaching practice of award-winning author and business coach, Kelly Riggs, you will discover nine important questions (three questions each in the areas of sales, leadership, and strategy) you should be asking yourself and your team as you roll into 2021.

Speakers: Kelly Riggs, Business Lockerroom
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Young Professionals Network

Public Speaking & Lessons Learned – Panel Discussion: a panel discussion on public speaking and lessons learned.

Speakers: Maria Nardone, Ph.D., Psychologist & Organizational Consultant, Michael A. Alagna, Retired COO from Nation Pizza and Foods, Matthew Hartman, PE, Senior Account Manager from Blentech Corporation, Andrew Merkins, Business Development Manager from Kiewit Industrial Group
Moderators: Nehemiah White, Market Manager from Deville Technologies
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Women's Alliance Network

Be the Inspired You: Identifying & Owning Personal Skills for Professional Success – When thriving in the workplace, most opportunities for professional success lie in exercising professional power. Professional power is the identification and ownership of your skills, goals, strengths, preferred work styles, and operating with emotional intelligence, mental toughness, and as “the inspired version of you.” Using your professional power reduces relational and workplace stress, disconnectedness amongst teammates, and productivity loss. In this workshop, participants will explore how mindset, mindfulness, and personal behaviors are catalytic for better approaches and successful outcomes.

Speakers:  Rahkel C. D. Shelton, is an author,  workplace peace advocate, speaker, and inspiration enthusiast.  With over 12 years of corporate experience, including roles with CNN, Warner Media (formerly Turner Broadcasting System, Inc), WGN, iHeartMedia, and Fox Chicago News
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Technology Advancements

Creating Traceable Maintenance Logs with Blockchain Technology – Learn how Festo Corporation has leveraged the use of blockchain and peer-to-peer networks to create maintenance records that are tamper-proof and redundant. Also, learn how these leveraged technologies can help in compliance with the recently proposed future FDA traceability rules.

Speaker: Eduard Grün, FESTO
Moderator: Nehemiah White, Deville Technologies
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