b'FPSA NETWORKSNow concluding a very productive third year, the FPSA Networks have worked hard to position themselves asThe Food Safety Networks goal is to provide an opportunity for collaboration the leadership incubators for member companies. Each Network group addresses critical topics that generateamong food safety experts to share knowledge and discuss challenges facing the important content for the Association and create new opportunities for participants to learn more aboutfood and beverage processing industry. For its third year, the Network focused these topics from colleagues and customers and deliver these benefits to their employer. The FPSA Networkson providing food safety resources and webinars to benefit food processors and periodically issue a call for volunteers for these working groups, which typically might last for a period of 3-6other suppliers. The group covered sanitary design, bakery plant operations, months before presenting its work to the membership. utilizing external training resources, getting started on food safety data, and food safety considerations for plant-based proteins. This information was shared We believe the Networks offer a unique leadership opportunity in our industry. Going forward, our ask of thewith members and other food industry professionals in webinars and a series association members is to encourage one person per year to get involved in the Networks. We are askingof food safety showcases that debuted in the fall. Learn more about the Food leaders in our member organizations to encourage these individuals to establish connections with like-mindedSafety Network at fpsa.org/foodsafety.professionals and encourage these individuals to learn, grow and fail. The Networks provide an opportunity to develop your people, our association, and our industry. The Packaging Networks mission is to provide a forum for packaging professionals to exchange information on food and beverage industry trends The Womens Alliance Network continues to flourish by providing new programsand issues of interest and value to the membership. In its third year, the that facilitate positive transformation for women in the industry. In 2021, thePackaging Network focused its energies on traceability. While a two-day panel Network completed the first phase of the tremendously successful Mentor Circle,session on this topic was planned for the 2021 FPSA Annual Conference, due to and promptly kicked off a new round with new participants in September. Leadershipthe cancellation of the live event, the Network pivoted to offer this panel session of the program for this second round was expanded across all Networks to spreadvirtually as a webinar in May. Given the importance of traceability in todays its benefits across the entire membership. At PROCESS EXPO, the Alliance held afood industry, the Network will continue working on this topic and sharing the Network Happy Hour, and the group hosted the sold-out biennial Womens Alliancetakeaways with the greater membership. Learn more about the Packaging Network Breakfast, featuring the 2021 Red Circle Honors and keynote ChristieNetwork at fpsa.org/packaging. Lagally from Rebellyous Foods. Additionally, the Womens Alliance held a successful Virtual Town Hall in May, as well as a virtual wine tasting hosted by ONX Wines in Paso Robles, CA, and hosted multiple book clubs with the group meeting to discuss On the Edge: Leadership Lessons from Mount Everest and Other ExtremeThe Technology Network aims to bridge the gap in awareness, skills, and Environments by Alison Levine and Joy at Work by Marie Kondo. Learn moreunderstanding of technology integration in the food processing environment, about the Womens Alliance Network at fpsa.org/fpsa-womens-alliance. focusing on implementing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). In its third year, the Network tackled Bridging the Information Gap with Secure Remote Access by publishing a technote. Additionally, members of the Technology Network The Young Professionals Group continues to step up its engagement efforts ofparticipated in a panel discussing this important topic as part of the PROCESS students and new professionals throughout 2021. The YPG created new resourcesEXPO University educational program and is planning to revisit this topic, along such as its Interview Strategy Guide and a document on the takeaways from a publicwith cybersecurity, at the 2022 Annual Conference. The Network continues to speaking panel conducted virtually early in the year. The group continued its effortssearch for topics at the forefront of technology that they believe the members of in providing Mock Interviews to help give students the tools they need to get a footFPSA need to be aware of, and it hopes to be the forum in which discussions on in the door of this industry. This effort was supplemented at PROCESS EXPO with thethese critical technologies occur. Learn more about the Technology Network at Career Roundtables for students, which included speakers from both food processorsfpsa.org/technology. and suppliers. The YPG was also instrumental in supporting the Mentor Circle program by providing co-ambassadors to mentors with all student groups. To learn more about the Young Professionals Group, visit fpsa.org/youngprofessionals. 6 7'