b'PROCESS EXPO 2021 SHOW HIGHLIGHTS2021 marked the return of face-to-face gatherings with the successful 2021 PROCESS EXPO. Organized with new show partner Messe Frankfurt, this years show drew attendees from all segments, who came to get back to business with projects in hand.LIVE PRODUCTION LINES FPSA WOMENS ALLIANCEOnce more, PROCESS EXPOs Production Line demonstrations proved toNETWORK BREAKFASTbe among the most popular attractions at this years show, attracting theBack by popular demand in 2021, the biennial Womens Alliance Network Breakfast majority of attendees to at least one showing. Producing gluten-free focacciareturned to a sold-out audience. Featuring the CEO of Rebellyous Foods as the keynote rolls, plant-based chicken nuggets and meatballs, these lines highlighted thespeaker, this popular event not only brought together show participants to hear the latest technologies at each step of the production process, from the loading ofRebellyous story of trailblazing in the plant-based protein segment but also was the site ingredients down to the final packaged product, and even incorporated Industryof the 2021 Red Circle Honor Awards.4.0 capabilities in the process. PROCESS EXPO EDUCATION INNOVATIONS SHOWCASEThe 2021 show featured 25 hours of subject matter experts addressing some ofWhile the PROCESS EXPO show floor boasted thousands of new technology innovations the most relevant topics facing food and beverage processors today includingin processing and packaging, a select group of exhibitors in the meat, beverage, bakery, robotics and automation, food safety and regulation, trends in the foodpet food, prepared food and dairy industries were recognized as finalists for top and beverage industry, alternative proteins, Industry 4.0 and cybersecurity,innovation in their segment. Finalists pitched their innovations on Day 1, and attendees sustainability, cannabis production in food and beverage and the challengeswere encouraged to vote for the Peoples Choice Award winnerOmega Engineeringand opportunities of replacing legacy equipment. among these six finalists.VIP BUYERSSTUDENT AMBASSADORMEETUPSPROGRAM PROGRAM Each day of the show, FPSA SAVE THE DATE FOR Over 75 premier food processorsThe PROCESS EXPO Student AmbassadorNetworks met in niche meetups participated in this years VIP BuyersProgram is a volunteer program for collegeto expand their personal networks Program. Nominated by FPSAstudents looking to learn more about the foodas well as recruit new members PROCESS EXPO 2023! members, these key clients enjoyedand beverage industry. Through this program,to their group. Additionally, these exciting perks such as the expeditedstudents earn volunteer hours, tour the showmeetups serve as an excellent VIP badge pickup, access to the VIPfloor, network with professionals, attendplatform for informal discussions Platinum Lounge with complimentaryeducational sessions, and engage with youngof critical topics in each area and October 2325, 2023, South Hall, McCormick Place, Chicago food, beverage, and meeting spaceprofessionals in food science, engineering,attracted professionals interested in right on the show floor. Considersales, and marketing roles. The highlight offood safety, packaging, technology, nominating your top customers at thethis program is the Career Roundtable sessiondevelopment of young professionals, BOOK YOUR BOOTH TODAY! next show. Theyll thank you for it. where students meet with industry expertsand womens leadership.on both the customer and supplier sides, in a speed dating format to learn more about working in the industry.4 5'