b'BACK TO NEW PRODUCTS & SERVICESBUSINESS TO GROW YOUR BUSINESSAs the Chairman of yournetworking with industry colleagues and helped to jump Association, I am proud tostart new projects creating leads for member companies. TREND STUDIEShave been a witness to the2021 was another excellent year for FPSA market research. innovation, creativity andOf course, this productivity is nothing new to the membersThese studies capture critical trends and forecasts up to drive that FPSA membersof the FPSA Networks who have been active throughout the year. From Mentor Circles to mock interviews, Happy2026 for important segments of the food and beverage have displayed this year inBECAUSE YOU CANT LIVELIFE WIT industry, including:Hours to Food Safety Showcases, white papers to webinarsHOUT SKILLSsuccessfully working to notand educational sessions at PROCESS EXPO, the FPSA180 SKILLS Prepared Foods Equipment only meet the demand of our customers, but also to prove our roleNetworks have been instrumental in driving engagementIn 2021, FPSA members stepped up to take advantageDairy Alternatives Market as an essential link in the supply chain that feeds a worldthat benefits not only the individual and the Association,of the most cost-effective platform for professionalFood Robotics Market of almost 8 billion people. but also Network members employers, thanks to the addedBECAUSE YOU CANT LIVE LIFE WITHOUT SKILLSexperience and leadership that these volunteers get todevelopment out in the market today180 Skills. ThisNon-Thermal Pasteurization MarketNowhere was this more on display than at PROCESSexercise. online training program was created specifically forPlant-based Protein Market by SourceEXPO 2021. For many exhibitors and attendees alike, thismanufacturers, featuring over 700 courses to helpPlant-based Meat Market years show was the first opportunity to meet face-to-faceSpeaking of added experience, many FPSA members wereemployees master both technical and soft skills at the low to discuss new projects and the manufacturing solutionshappy to take advantage of the new 180 Skills onlinecost of $349/year, regardless of the number of coursesIn addition, our Trend that will serve to ensure that our food industry customerstraining program made specifically for manufacturers. 180your employee takes. The program requires no travel, isStudy library includes Skills provided members with the ability to master subjectsBECAUSE YOU CANT LIVE LIFE WITHOUT SKILLScan continue to stock the shelves with safe andeasy to use and allows learners to go at their own pace,recent studies in nutritious product. In addition to the latest processingin both technical and soft skills, at their own pace, at a pricewhile also allowing their supervisor to track progress. TheExtruded Snacks, Meat and packaging technology in exhibitors booths,that cannot be matched on any other platform or institution.extensive list of courses can be found on the FPSA websiteProcessing Equipment, PROCESS EXPO boasted a wide variety of popular showLikewise, the Associations Food Industry Techniciansat https://www.fpsa.org/180-skills/. Meat Substitutes Market, floor activities, which served to highlight the latest inprogram continued to help address the labor shortage innovation. Further, in a tradition unique to only ourby graduating and employing much needed service andFresh Food Packaging show, we showcased three live production lines thatmaintenance technicians within our industry.TRANSPARENT ENERGY THOUT SKIL Equipment, and studies BECAUSE YOU CANT LIVE LIFE WI LSmanufactured and packaged gluten-free focaccia bread,Finally, no recap of 2021 would be complete withoutfor Pet Food Packaging plant-based chicken nuggets and Italian meatballs.mention of FPSAs wildly successful Giving Back programs.This fall, the FPSA Board of Directors approved the latestand Processing. FPSA Additional activities included an educational programThanks to extremely generous donations for both the FPSAaffinity program for FPSA members. Transparent Energymembers who missed that addressed critical topics in all segments of the foodAuction and the 2021 DEFEAT HUNGER campaign, FPSAsis a specialized energy procurement advisory firm thatany of these studies are and beverage industry including food safety, automationphilanthropic efforts have never been stronger. Fromhelps members to take advantage of energy deregulationencouraged to reach out and robotics, alternative proteins, and cannabis in thescholarships to support of veterans with PTSD, assistance into lower their energy costs by getting energyto staff for a free copy.food and beverage segments, to name just a few. workforce development and food processing research, and,providers to compete for your business in of course, helping to combat food insecurity, FPSA and itsan online auction and lock in favorable This years show also featured the successful Womensmembers made a significant mark on the industry in 2021. rates, which allows them to mitigate risk.TARGETED INDUSTRY Alliance Network Breakfast with keynote speaker, Christie Lagally of Rebellyous Foods. This sold-out eventIn closing, I wish you and your families and colleagues aEnergy is still delivered from the existingADVERTISINGBECAUSE YOU CANT LIVELIFE WITHOUT SKILLSalso included the biennial Red Circle Honor Awards,wonderful holiday season and am looking forward to seeingutility but at the reduced price of the new recognizing the achievements of women from the foodsupplier. Members are under no obligationIn 2021, FPSA launched a new industry advertising and beverage industry and one member company foryou at our 2022 Annual Conference. to accept the results of the online auctionopportunity for members on the FPSA website. This joins promoting workplace gender balance. The breakfast,MATT MALOTT but will most likely want to once they seeour popular program that already included the FPSA Food along with the Network meetups, and our studentthe thousands of dollars in savings theyProcessing News Brief, the Food Processing Buyers Guide, program provided additional avenues for productivePresident and Chief Executive Officer, Multivac Inc. as well as retargeting and email marketing packages. With Chairman of the Board, FPSA will realize. Members interested in more information on Transparent Energy high open and click-through rates, and a subscriber base of should contact Andy Drennan at75,000 food industry professionals, members have enjoyed [email protected] the results of adding these products to their advertising mix.2 3'