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Fall Sales Conference




Ken Thoreson
Creating Intensity, The Job of Sales Management

Michael Nick
Millennials and Boomers, Bridging the Gap

Kelly Riggs
Quit Whining and Start Selling! Your 4 Biggest B2B Selling Mistakes

Babette Ten Haken
Customer Retention & the Art of the 2nd Sale

Shane Gibson
Training for more Effective Sales Negotiations

Barbara Giamanco
Social Selling for Sales Leaders

David Folwell
Increasing Your Sales with Drip Marketing and Retargeting

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"There are many aspects to a successful negotiation. The first thing to really gain perspective on is that negotiations are a process not an event. They don’t start when you’re reviewing a contract or defining the specifications and pricing of a sale or service contract. The negotiations process really starts from the first email or hello."

--Shane Gibson, Author, Speaker, Social Selling Thought Leader


"Depending on where we sit around the table, we see the same things – differently"

--Babette Ten Haken, Founder & President, Sales Aerobics for Engineers


"Build trust first and don’t annoy your contacts. We stick to the 80/20 rule for emails -- about 80% of the content is intended to deliver value to the client and 20% is designed to sell, promote, or set up an appointment."

--David Folwell, President, The Growth Company


"92% of prospects hit the delete button when receiving a cold call or email from a stranger."

--Barbara Giamanco, CEO, Social Centered Selling


"Every person does not give 110% every day, It’s the job of the leader to increase the intensity level and the effort they give."

--Ken Thoreson, President, Acumen Management


"Older generations are constantly trying to understand the “millennial.” What makes them tick? How do they operate in the workforce? Why are they always on their cellphones? How can they possibly have 1,000 friends on Facebook?! The answer is simple: millennials live in a sharing economy."

--Michael Nick, Author/Principle, ROI4SALES


"The effective sales manager is going to see things the salesperson doesn’t, and provide perspectives and ideas the salesperson has yet to consider."

--Kelly Riggs, Founder & President, Chief Sales Officer, The Business Locker Room