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Praxair is a leading producer of industrial and process gases in the US and around the globe.

For the food industry, Praxair primarily provides nitrogen and carbon dioxide in liquefied form to rapidly freeze, chill or cool food products to the desired temperature. Praxair has commercially available equipment systems to harness the heat removal power of the cryogenic liquid gases during food processing.

Praxair's ColdFront™ gas and equipment systems provide food processors with efficient, cost-effective cooling and improved productivity. Decades of acquired knowledge in using liquid gas products to remove heat in food freezing and working closely with our customers has allowed Praxair to develop new applications. Recent introductions include the ColdFront pellet or dot depositor system that allows food processors to produce and customize the desired shape and size for its specific use. Using Praxair's ChillStream™ in-line cryogenic chilling system for cooked or hot liquid foods helps processors quickly chill pumpable products. The rapid heat removal achieves specific target temperatures — in less time — before packaging.

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