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Upcoming Webinar

IoT Applications Leading the Future of Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Wednesday, November 7th, 2:00-3:00 pm EST – Register Now

Businesses that send high-strength waste to the sewer pay an extra fee, called a BOD surcharge, based on how much organic oxygen-consuming material is in their wastewater. Wastewater treatment systems can lower the harmful and costly amount of particulates discharged to the sewer by using chemicals. However, inefficient dosing leads to unnecessary chemical costs and exaggerated equipment wear. IoT technologies are helping to innovate unique ways to monitor chemical dosing and prioritize usage, optimize BOD removal and allow dosage adjustments to be made onsite or remotely.

Christopher Dooley | CEO
DMP Corporation

The use of IoT applications not only slashes chemical costs and potential BOD surcharges, but also monitors and stores important water quality data and makes necessary adjustments. EHS managers and other authorized personnel have the freedom and flexibility to make dosing changes anywhere, anytime.

One major producer of processed pork products saw an opportunity to save costs on chemicals and labor by moving away from manual jar testing and dosing adjustments to automating coagulant dosing based on influent studies and treatability tests. Based on the influent studies and treatability tests, a customized algorithm was used to add chemicals when necessary. The ability to make changes on the fly using the Internet was also available for authorized personnel. As a result, labor was reduced by 65% and chemical spend was reduced by 40%.

Our presentation will go in-depth into how IoT applications are leading the future of wastewater treatment solutions including the ability to:

  • Control the system anytime, anywhere using remote monitoring systems
  • Give rapid feedback on every subsystem and function using smart hardware
  • The ability to receive multi-channel alerts through emails, text messaging, and other platforms to respond to issues in real-time

Christopher Dooley is the CEO of DMP Corporation, the leading provider of integrated wastewater solutions for industrial customers. Prior to his time at DMP, Chris held senior leadership positions in other fast-growing organizations including The Alexander Group, a sales and marketing strategy consultancy, and Siebel Systems, the leading provider of CRM software acquired by Oracle. Given his experience in technology, marketing and sales, Chris has led DMP to bridge the gap between automation and wastewater treatment. Chris has a BA from Haverford College, MBA from The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania, is a fluent Spanish speaker and has worked and lived in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

DMP Corporation
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