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Career Development Scholarship


In the event you are asked for a "program key" during the application process, please enter: FPSA

The Food Processing Suppliers Association has established the Career Development Scholarship Program as a unique benefit to its members.  It is provided through the generous support of the Foundation of FPSA and is designed to promote the career and professional development of the recipients.  Scholarships are available in the spring to FPSA member employees who work full time and their immediate family members (spouse and children).  Applicants can be high school seniors, college students, or graduate students.  The online application period is now open. Click here to begin the application process.

The major focus of FPSA's Foundation through the years has been on the future of the food industry. Since its inception in 1983, the Foundation has touched the lives of more than 2,000 individuals in the early years of their careers through its grants, scholarships and stipends. Many of these individuals are now employed in food and dairy science programs in the nation's universities, in major food, dairy and beverage processing companies, and, in some cases, in FPSA member companies themselves.

That’s a solid investment in individuals and their future in the food industry!

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