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Global Trends in the Bakery Processing Equipment Market



August 8, 2016 |  New product developments accounted for 47% of growth by key players in the bakery market.
July 7, 2016 |  In North America, applications in cakes & pastries, are projected to grow at 9.1%.
June 9, 2016 |  Through 2020, Sheeters & Molders Show Strongest Growth, at over 8%.


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Sanitary Standards in Bakery Equipment


About the Bakery Council

The Bakery Council of FPSA represents suppliers to the baking industry. The Council members strive to:

  • Strengthen the Bakery industry's footprint in PROCESS EXPO
  • Establish high quality educational programs for the Bakery industry at the FPSA Annual Conference
  • Develop and maintain good relationships with key industry groups.

If you are interested in participating in the Bakery Council please contact Dolores Alonso at Dalonso@fpsa.org.